June 4, 2010

Today I am going to share another Silent Moment called finding that one voice.
The other day I had a hearing test where I had to repeat words and sentences in a booth. The first session is done in quiet and the next is with background noise. I mainly want to write about the session with background noise. In these sessions you will hear a voice saying “Ready…The cat ran away.” or “Ready…The boy fell down.” “Ready” is like a warning telling me to be ready to hear what I have to repeat.

In the background session it starts off really soft so I can still understand what the voice is saying. As each sentence goes by it gets louder and louder and each time I have to work harder to hear that one voice. By the end I could almost not tell which was which…was it the voice or the background noise?? I would look into the little window where the audiologist would speak through the intercom saying “You are done” or “You are doing great”. (The background noise is a recording of a group talking)

We can all relate this to our lives and how sometimes we have too many voices talking to us. Sometimes we just have to Find That One Voice. I think we need to have that person standing in the window saying…keep going or you are almost there.