August 17, 2010


Some people will come up to me and ask me questions about my hearing or my story. The other day my friend asked me "What is it like when everything is silent?"

I pondered on that question for some time and I answered: It is like nothing moves. There is no sound to the fan or rain. I can scream as loud as I can and not hear a sound. The shower water has no sound when it bounces off the floor. I sometimes feel like I am standing and everything else is rushing by. That is what it is like when everything is silent around me. I can step into a world of sound or a world of silent.

Another question I was asked "Does it scare you when you can't hear?" Sometimes I will wake up in the night when it is dark and can’t see nor hear. I can understand what it was like for Helen Keller who was blind and deaf. I can’t say I get scared but I do sometimes feel lost when I can’t hear.

I treasure my hearing so much and I love it. When I was 6 and lost all my hearing, it changed my life. After about 6 months I was able to hear again…I could hear my footsteps, the light switch flip on and off, my voice and the voice of others. When I could not hear I would put my hand on my neck to feel how loud I was talking.

One thing I missed most was music. I remember playing my mom’s piano and feeling the vibrations and how I longed to hear those notes again. I remember putting my ear close to the radio and listening and most times I would fall asleep by it.
I loved this I love my ipod! :)