September 9, 2010

Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds
By David Cluff

Lately I have been asked about “the best of both worlds”. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled into one world and sometimes find it hard to balance it all. I live in the hearing world and in the deaf world.

How do I balance it all…I am not really sure. I watched the documentary “Sound and Fury” and I started to understand more about the best of both worlds. I understand that the deaf world has a culture, language and a community. Like most countries they have cultures, languages, and different ways of living. When a family is born in a country such as Italy and one family member decides to move to America to see what other places are like, I would imagine that the other family members would be sad and try to beg him to stay home. He made a choice and decided to head onto an unknown journey. This young man learned different things about the world as he traveled but he still remembered the teachings from his home back in Italy. His knowledge expanded and he was able to learn about a new culture and language. At a point he returned home and the family learned that sometimes there are unexpected things that might be in their plan but when they apply it to their lives they all learn something…they may not have known what a blessing it was for that boy to leave at first but when you have an open mind and trust in God, all things are possible.

We can all relate this story to our life. When I was a young boy I made a choice to get a cochlear implant…not knowing what would be in store for me. During the time of getting an implant, people would support me or discourage me but I have learned the best from both.

That choice was 11 years ago and I am starting to see why I was meant to be deaf and have a Cochlear Implant. I had to have courage to step into the best of both worlds. I was able to use the things I learned being deaf and being able to hear to relate them to others around me. I know that sometimes people will tell me it was a bad idea to have an implant but I know that I have to rely on my Father in Heaven and Stand Strong for who I am.

I have learned a lot about living the Best of Both Worlds and still continue to learn more.