October 4, 2010

Finding Balance By David Cluff

Finding Balance By David Cluff a deaf teen with cochlear implants.

For most people walking, running and standing come naturally. For some they have to be in wheelchairs or some assisted device.

Why I titled this “Finding Balance” is because 3 years ago I found out that I have no balance control in my inner ear. It all started when my dad told my Surgeon in 2007 that he thinks it is cool that I don’t get dizzy. Right after that my Surgeon sent me over to a different room to do some small 5 minute tests and the results led me to a major 4 hour test with a specialist. The results came and I had less than 2% of fluid left in my inner ear (the fluid that helps you keep balanced). This all happened a few weeks before I was going to get my 2nd implant. My doctor was worried that my body was holding on to the 2% and that if I got the 2nd implant it would take more fluid away.