April 7, 2012

Packing up!

Ok, as strange as this sounds--I started packing yesterday, Friday! Thursday, was my last day working for a company that I have grown up in for the past four years. I had the best bosses and amazing co-workers. Yesterday, was the beginning of packing up for my two year mission. Not sure where to start, my little sister come into my room and sits on my bed and gave me ideas on where to start. We decided to go through my closet first. She helped me fold clothes, box things up and make it fun at the same time. The suitcases I got are HUGE. So huge that my little sister climbed in and was all ready to go. We had many great laughs!

This is my last and final farewell to all my Silent Moments readers before I leave. I have a new blog up that my parents will update as I continue on this journey. www.elderdavidcluff.blogspot.com

I wish everyone the best in the years to come and I hope you found Silent Moments, My Story a tool in enabling you to believe in yourself and to know that you are not alone. With faith all things are possible.