October 28, 2013

Facing the Question

Being deaf and wearing Cochlear Implants is pretty noticeable at times. At the beginning of my mission I was rather shocked at how noticeable they really are. I have had people ask me about whats on my head but all those I surrounded myself with back home already knew about it. Once I left home and started meeting new people it felt like everyday I was faced with the question "What are those on your head? How do they work?" At the beginning, of my mission, I felt rather frustrated as I wanted to be "normal" and not noticed all the time. After talking to some people and after much prayer I realized this is me and this is my normal life. One of my heroes is Stephanie Nielson "who not only survived a serious accident but is now a thriving example of courage, love, and faith in Jesus Christ, through whom all is well." 
I love how she turned her challenge into her new life. It has been a strength to me when I feel weak at times.


As time went on I was able to turn the feeling I once had, about wanting to not be noticed, to a feeling of confidence and a tool to share my faith. God is great! He really does love us. It often takes stepping out of your comfort box to see His Hand in our everyday life. 

I have learned that God gives us challenges or talents to help others in very unique ways. Now I am just excited when people ask me about my Cochlear Implants. Each time I do it is a reminder that miracles do happen each and everyday! If you ever see me...ask me about it. :) 

"The Lord is my strength and song, and is become my salvation."
Psalms 118:14
Old Testament

Tender Mercy, Another Divine Signature

  For the past 18 months David Cluff has been serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Salt Lake City, Utah / Wyoming area. Through this mission he has been able to help others come to know God's love for everyone. David has also been able to see God's Tender Mercy which is like His own Divine Signature placed in his life, as a mark that He is right there with him all along the journey.
Though he wears a Cochlear Implant he did not know if he could meet the demands of a two year mission. At many moments in his mission he did not know if he had the strength to endure the hard times. Through his faith in God, he trusted in Him that he could make it through.

David will finish his two year mission in April 2014. Over the next few months you will be able to read more of his Silent Moments.

Read more about his mission and journey at: www.elderdavidcluff.blogspot.com