November 18, 2013

Beautiful Life

With Thanksgiving around the corner I was asked to speak to a church group of 150 people yesterday. I was speaking on blessings and what I am grateful for in my life. As I stood up there at the microphone, sharing my story and halfway through I was overwhelmed with how blessed I am. These are some of the things that I am truly grateful for: 
-A family that is always there and supports me in all I do
-Good people
-My ability to hear with a Cochlear Implant
-My hearing loss and how I grew from it
-My Faith
-Good photos
There is so much more that I am grateful for but it would take me forever to write them all out. I hope that each of you will be able to take time in the next week to write down what your grateful for. 
David in his mission in Kamas, Utah. They got 4 inches of snow! It looks like fun!