February 24, 2014

Silent Miracles, His Story

"Elder Cluff is known as a blogger for “Silent Moments, My Story” which tells his journey through the silent moments of his life. Today he tells about the Silent Miracles that he and his companion, Elder Valdez, have seen. Miracles are ways our Heavenly Father tells His Story."

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February 10, 2014

Always Near

  Ever have those times where things get hard and you are not sure how you are going to make it through? I sure do. When I feel like I am about to break. I pray. With the faith and belief that I have in God I know He hears my every prayer and He hears yours. His answers often come gently and at times when we least expect it. When his answers come...I always know He is Always Near.
  This past week I had issues with my Cochlear Implant and the stress of everything was not helping it at all. One morning I could not handle it anymore. I got on my knees and began to pray my heart out. I wanted to hear "normal" and have my Cochlear Implant function right again. I was sitting at my desk reading the scriptures. Distracted by everything going on I just looked out my window and looked at the trees and the sky. I then had this feeling that everything will be okay and that He is always near.
  Although I still face some challenges with my Cochlear Implant at the moment...I know I will be okay because He hears every word and is right beside me.

David, on his Mission in Salt Lake City, working
with other missionaries.