December 17, 2014

Better Than a Hallelujah By David Cluff

  This video is dedicated to my cousin, Tyler,  who fell off a 150 foot cliff in November 2014. The fall left almost every bone broken. He is still alive and has a long recovery a head of him. Over the last few weeks I have learned God is real, answers prayers and often in a way we did not expect them to be. This is my favorite song and I am not perfect in my ASL but it is from the heart.

Merry Christmas!

December 7, 2014

Christmas Once Again

  This Christmas season is going to be a little crazy for me as I will be traveling and getting married to someone very special to me. Before everything gets busy I just want to share my feelings on Christmas.

   Over the last two Christmas seasons I have been able to spend them with many different people in Salt Lake City, Utah where I served a two-year church mission. My first Christmas was special to me as on Christmas Eve all 180 missionaries, ages 18-25, got together for a dinner. It started to snow and pretty soon there was a good amount of snow. All the men grabbed a snow shovel and started shoveling the sidewalks in the surrounding areas. The sidewalks then led us wanting to do driveways to the homes around us. Some sang carols as we shoveled. Half way through the night the sister missionaries came walking in the snow with a plate of christmas treats to deliver to the homes in the areas. That night we gave the gift of service as our Savior Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate service. He is the Gift. The video at the end describes perfectly how He is the Gift.

   The last few Sundays our little kids ages 3-11 in Sunday School have been practicing a song titled, "Can I Hold The Baby" and I just want to share the words of the song as it touches my heart.

Can I Hold the Baby
   "It’s Christmas Eve, I’m tucked in bed,
I’m snug and warm, my prayers are said.
I start to think about the first Christmas Night.
The manger warm, the baby fair,
the star that led the shepherds there,
and what I’d say to Mary as she smiled at the little Christ child.
  Could I hold the baby? Will he smile at me?
Does He know why He is born and what his life will be?
Could I hold the baby and tell him of my love?
How glad I am that Jesus Christ was sent from heaven above.
  Now ev’ry day the whole year through
I’ll think of all that I can do
To be like Him and live as He showed me how.
And I’ll remember that Christmas toys
are not as dear as girls and boys,
that Jesus loves each one of us endlessly.
He loves you and me."

If I had the chance to be at the birth of the Savior and if I could have held him would He have smile at me? It is my prayer that we will continue to be the best that we can so we can say, "He smiled at me."

Merry Christmas!
-David B. Cluff