June 1, 2015

News about deafteens.org

    Since August of 2010, I have been the Founder and Director of deafteens.org. This was my eagle scout project and a step to showing me what I am passionate about. It has been a great learning experience and a very memorable journey. Sadly, in January of 2015 the hosting company had technical difficulties with deafteens.org and it somehow got erased from the server and was not able to be restored. It was a frustrating time period and I began looking at starting from scratch to rebuild deafteens.org. Over the last few weeks, I kept thinking about whether or not I can do it right now. After lots of consideration, I have found that the best thing right now is to simply put deafteens.org on the shelf. I still own the domain name but between work, school and starting a family -- I simply don't have the same amount of time like I used to for this website. I have developed other avenues where I continue to share my passion for the deaf culture. I will continue to write on this blog, share my life experiences and inspirational stories from others that I meet.

   Even though deafteens.org did not make a lasting appearance online, the story behind developing the website is, to me, a miracle. I got to see teens, families and communities come together to take an idea and make it a reality. That to me is the best part of deafteens.org.

Thank you, 
David Cluff