August 14, 2015

They Call Me Uncle


   When I married my wife I received the following names: husband, son-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle. I love all these names, but one name that I have become very fond of is “uncle.” My nieces and nephews are the BEST! All my life I wondered how my in-laws, nieces and nephews would take me in as the “deaf one.” I have been blessed to be surrounded by ones who could not love me any less.

  My first date with my wife included meeting her sister’s kids. There were a few moments where they would stare at my head and ask questions, but what it all came down to is that I am not that much different. I might have to take my cochlear implants off when we go on the trampoline, but that does not keep us from laughing and smiling. I may have to try harder to understand what they are talking about, but they have 100% of my attention. I may not always hear right, but my heart does.

  Over the summer I got to spend lots of time with them, play, run around and climb up and down stairs over and over. Their little hands holding my finger as we walk around is priceless and I am the luckiest as they call me uncle.