September 14, 2015

Rome Was Not Built In a Day

    The last few weeks I have been thinking about my journey to hearing. At the end of next month it will mark 16 years since I got my first cochlear implant and witnessed the miracle of sound. It has not been a easy journey. Just as I toured England and France this past spring, I stood amazed at the castles and major landmarks that stand as wonders of the world. Just like Rome and other places in Europe they were not built in a day. My hearing was not made perfect in a day but rather continual progress each day. There are days where I find myself frustrated at the many times I asked someone to repeat something or the times where I did not fully understand what was going on around me. At work I keep this saying in eye sight as a reminder to myself:

   Even at those most frustrating times, I simply have to remind myself to laugh. Often I remind myself that it was a miracle that I was able to talk to that person on the phone and was able to help them even when it seemed like I was climbing a mountain to understand this person. These simple things help me remember that Rome was not built in a day.

   I have been trying to apply these same principles as my wife and I welcome our first baby boy next month. It is hard to believe that I am actually going to become a father to this little boy. I have come to love him so much from every kick he made from within the womb and each ultrasound photo. I often lay in the silence of the night wondering if I am ready for this new role of being a father.

  Watching my own father grow in fatherhood has been a blessing to me. The life experiences he has had made him the father and man that he is today. It was not a sudden spark of knowledge, but rather it took the first diaper change, to helping tie a tie for church and learning together. That is how his knowledge and wisdom grew. 

Once again, Rome was not built in a day.