January 18, 2017

Flash Back - From Silent Moment to Silent Day

Today I kept thinking about some of my upbringing experiences and the challenges I face and continue to face as an adult. I am grateful for all those in my life that help me find the blessing in each day. The last few weeks my son has been learning sign language and it is so fun to watch! 

Enjoy a post from the past! 

July 10, 2010

Most of my posts are about Silent Moments but not this one. This post is about a Silent Day.

This past week I was in Texas for a Family Reunion and we went to a water park. I was a little worried because I knew I would have to take my Cochlear Implants off since we are surrounded by water. I didn't mind not being able to hear but when I am in big crowds I feel a little lost. I thought “I can’t do this.” But then I remembered a little saying on my desk “Do Hard Things and Go the Distance”.

We arrived at the parking lot and I thought, “here I go” and took my Cochlear Implants off. I got out of the car and took a deep breath and said a prayer in my heart asking for comfort. Right after that my little 8-year-old cousin, Bridger, came running to me and mouthed the words really big saying “You are my buddy!!” He was so cute about it and I never knew he was an answer to my prayer until halfway into the day.

We get to our gathering place and Bridger says “Let's go on the slides!” I was still a little shy to go on them but with his big smile and his hand holding tight to my hand we went to go find some cool slides. Bridger was my ears and he was good at it. He made up his own signs and he always made sure I understood what was going on. I then found myself relaxed and knew that I was going to be just fine. It also gave me a new perspective on things. Sometimes we never know what someone is going through so we should be the best friend and person we can be. Bridger did not know how I was feeling on the inside but he took me by the hand and did the best that he could do. This little 8-year-old boy was a huge example to me and seems like an adult.

Thank you, Bridger!!

(Today, Bridger is growing into a fine young man who is thriving on his swim team.)