February 26, 2017

Finding Clarity

Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week! As a family, we attend church and it is a challenge to keep a toddler calm and entertained during services and while my wife plays the organ. I have found that it is in those simple moments where God reminds me that everything is okay and that He is aware of our stage in life. Sometimes, it does not take a huge event to find clarity and a renewed faith if God, but rather simple steps towards a goal.

A few weeks ago I realized that I needed to get new glasses as the ones I had were five years old. After visiting the eye doctor, they made a few simple changes and ordered my new glasses. Once I put the new ones on, everything was more sharp and clear. I had forgotten how clear some things are around me. Just like these glasses, if we stop doing those small things to help build our faith in God, we lose the full clarity in life. Each Sunday, I focus on keeping Lucas occupied with books, snacks and walks around the hall. While I am not able to fully pay attention, it is those weekly church meetings that help keep my vision and faith clear.