February 16, 2017

Something's Off

Ever have a moment where you know something is just off and you are not sure what it is exactly?!? That happened to me over this past weekend. The weekend started off great and I got a lot done but I began to notice that there was something's off about my hearing. Of course, I am deaf and wear cochlear implants. But, something was really off with the way I was hearing with my Cochlear Implant. This is nothing new or alarming to me and I thought it was just a weird phase. I kept thinking it would pass and things will be back to the "normal" that I know.

Sunday, things started to sound even more off and I was supposed to teach a class that day. The way I was hearing began to make it harder for me to hear and I was becoming uncomfortable holding a conversation with lots of background noise. I ended up not being able to teach and felt very out of place. Again, I kept telling myself that it will pass and to try putting my cochlear implant in a drying system and see if moisture got in.

Monday morning, things started to sound a little better but not all the way there. I went to work that day and once again I started to become uncomfortable with holding conversations and having a hard time understanding everything everyone was saying. The same thing happened the following day and thought I would have to go see my audiologist.

On Tuesday night I was working on a project and the thought came, "switch out your microphone on the implant" -- I thought, "I don't think it will do much, but I will give it a try." Sure enough, after I replaced my microphone, everything sounded back to normal! I felt so relieved and more grateful for my hearing.

Tips and reminders for future "something's off" moments:
  • Inspect the device, troubleshoot. 
  • Switch out parts (headpieces, microphones, and batteries.) 
  • Place in a drying system to help pull out any moisture. 
  • If none of the first three options helped, consult with your audiologist. 
Living with cochlear implants is a blessing but it also as holds it's unique challenges along the journey.

What are your "something's off" moments?