May 7, 2017

Remember the Miracles

 This past week my son reminded me to stop, reflect and remember the miracles. Between work, school, family and life it is easy to forget to do that. As I watched my son play in the yard and take the time to smell the flowers, I began to list some of the miracles I have witnessed over the last few months.

Recent Miracles: 
  • The birth of our second son. 
  • The miracle to hear both of my sons and family. 
  • Living in a beautiful area. 
  • Witnessing neighboring towns work together during trying times. (Eureka & Pacific Floods)
  • Family 
  • Working with great people 
  • Meeting amazing people and learning about their story. 
  • Church friends 
  • The miracle that there is still lots of good out there.  
My list can go on and on but this gives you an idea of what has been on my mind. What are some recent miracles that you have witnessed in your life? 

When life gets busy or don't feel your best,  make sure you take the opportunity to note the miracles you see each day. 

Remember the miracles.